Fresh Air

Have you ever been to a place where the air is so pure and refreshing? Maybe the mountains, beach, or even the forest…you can’t help but to keep breathing it in, it sort of cleanses you from the “not so crisp air” that you have been breathing lately. Those fresh air moments remind of a new beginning in life…a new season that decorates itself in beautiful smells and colors…

Today as i sit in my office creating the first blog of UAB’s Chapter of IJM wordpress, I am delighted and filled to be apart of an amazing team. The past few months IJM @ UAB has been on the rise with an amazing Leadership team and huge possibilities on the horizon. So take a deep fresh breath cause its going to be an awesome ride.

Now to the point and more serious issues. This blog will update, seek, and encourage those who are passionate about Human Trafficking and rescuing victims so that they too¬†can take a “fresh breath” from their past and into their future. We long to stand in the gap and be a voice for those who do not have one…we will provide them with a mountain of hope, an ocean of love, and a forest of faithful friends.

Tomorrow find out more on Human Trafficking as i post information on the depths of human trafficking and personal stories of victims. Also, find out ways to participate in the movement @UAB’s IJM Chapter. You can also find us on Facebook: UAB IJM and Twitter UAB_IJM.