We are 17 Days Away!! Now is the Time to Get Involved!!!

Hope everyone has had an amazing first week back from spring break!! The blog is now updated with more educational information, prayer requests, and of course, information on Justice Week and Stand For Freedom.

As you could tell from this past Monday, we have begun to start promoting Justice Week, which starts in a few weeks!! But we need your help in promoting and in making our campus realize that human trafficking is a very serious issue that requires our attention..

Here’s what you can do. 

1. Go to the Justice Week and Stand For Freedom page & see what we’ll be up to during those weeks.

2. Invite your friends to the blog and to the Facebook events for both events.

3. Register to stand with us at ijm.org/stand, we are still at 14 students signed up!! 

4. Sign-up for a shift to Stand for Freedom on April 18th-19th. 

5. Sign-up for a shift for our Campus Outreach Day on April 15th, where you will be talking to students about trafficking and our organization! Link to the form is on Justice Week’s page. 

6. PLEASE come to our general meeting on Wednesday at 7:30pm in HHB 102!

There’s many ways to help us! Even if you do one, thank you! 

Also, the link for the leaders team application will go out via mail, this blog, our Facebook, and our Twitter on Monday at 8am and will remain open until April 19th at 5pm.

If you have any questions, feel free to email us at uabijm@gmail.com.



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