Justice Week is two weeks away!

As you can see, we have made a few time and location changes but we are still hoping that you come out to our events all week long!!! But next week, we will be preparing for the week, starting on Wednesday, April 10th!!

Prep Week:

On Wednesday, April 10th at 11am-3pm in the front of Barnes & Noble and Thursday, April 11th at HUC Concourse A , we will be tabling at the HUC, spreading the word on Justice Week and on Stand for Freedom! Join us and stop by to say hello!!!

On Thursday, April 10th at 3-5pm and Friday, April 11th at 1-5pm, we will be working on materials for Justice Week in the HUC Workroom! So if you are artistic or just want to help, please stop by!!!

Also, we have a new event on Monday, April 15th at 7pm on the Green, called the Freedom Frisbee Tournament! Go to the Justice Week page for the sign-up link!! There is a $5 registration fee! All proceeds will go to International Justice Mission!

Finally, the leadership team applications were released earlier this week!! So go to the Awareness, Advocacy, and Volunteering page for the applications. All applications are due on April 19th at 5pm.

Thanks!! If you would know what’s going on with our organization and our blog, please click follow at the bottom of the page and you will receive email updates!


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