Awareness, Advocacy, & Volunteering

April 25, 2013

IJM National News: Link 1Advocacy Summit,   &  Ask Your Representatives.

Want to know how you can shine a light on slavery STILL? MTV Act has you covered!

Want to get more information about leading and how to end slavery? Check this conference IJM is doing in AUGUST!

Hear Joseph’s story..

April 22nd, 2013

END IT: Indifference Is Not an Option:

More stories coming our way later this week!

April 14,2013

Love working out, whether it is running, jogging, or biking? Want to stop trafficking? Check out Love146’s Tread on Trafficking campaign for more info!

Google is finally in the fight against trafficking! Check out this livestream event that occurred last week! Link

The faces of modern-day slavery-in pictures!

April 4, 2013!

The Leaders Team applications  for our chapter went out on Monday. If you would like to apply, please click the link!

Ride For Freedom, a fundraiser event benefiting the Wellhouse here in Birmingham, is happening in a few weeks! If you love motorcycles and want to help end trafficking, go to this link.

If you see an article on awareness that you would like to see posted to the blog, email us at!

March 28, 2013

University students finding new ways to help abolish slavery: Link to article

A new film is about to come out on the issue of trafficking! Check it out!

Want to make positive change in helping to eradicate  trafficking? Sign this petition to make freedom real.

The National Human Trafficking Hotline is now accepting texts! Gotta love technology! Link to article

March 13, 2013


Check out Made in A Free World’s new campaign for justice at !

The Wellhouse, a local nonprofit here in Birmingham that runs a shelter for trafficking victims, is holding a volunteer training for their organization. Link to event & Link to application

February 28, 2013

Wait, trafficking happens here in Birmingham?!  This was the cover story for Weld for Birmingham, a local newspaper, this week! Be informed. Link to article

The Trafficking Victims Protection Reauthorization Act was finally passed by both the House of Representatives and by the Senate today, along with the Violence Against Women Act!! Great day for justice. Link to article

February 21, 2013

IJM Helps Rescue 36 Families From Slavery In India, Including 3-Year-Old Girl (Link to the article)
For more updates in the field, check out
Have you checked out the new “I’m with Lincoln” video from Made in a Free World? While you are there, take the Slavery Footprint survey! Very eye-opening!!
If you go into the HUC some days, you might see on some of the TVs something called the Backstory. If you go to their website, you will be surprised by these stories and it hopefully prompt you to take action against slavery!

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