Fall 2013- Fall 2014 Events

Documentary Marathon November 2014

During the week of November 17th-20th, IJM at UAB hosted a documentary marathon, presenting four documentaries that touched on a different aspect of human trafficking both domestically and internationally. Having partnered with many departments on campus to offer attendance as extra credit, we experienced a great turnout!

ijm documentary week

Justice Week April 2014

Justice Week is IJM’s biggest annual event that involves five days of advocacy and education of human and sex trafficking. This year, we presented a visual, screened Jada Smith’s “Rape for Profit” documentary, hosted a Stand for Freedom and “Rave for Freedom.” The visual highlighted facts and images of forced labor involved in major corporation’s production, e.g. child labor involved in the harvest of cocoa used by major candy corporations, such as Mars, etc. “Rape for Profit” hones in on sex trafficking specifically in Seattle. “Stand for Freedom” offered students the opportunity to stand for an hour in order to raise money for national IJM. The last event of the week, the rave, allowed students to dance for freedom by paying a $1 entrance fee. The week was a great success, and we are indebted to the partnerships made with UAB faculty and administration that helped make this week such a success!

Justice Week 2014

Slide1 Slide2 Slide3  RAVE FLYER jw2014


Justice Week 2014 IMG_4229 IMG_4227 IMG_4228 IMG_4231 IMG_4232 IMG_4234 IMG_4235 IMG_4236 IMG_4261 IMG_4249

ENDIT Movement Day February 27th, 2014

The ENDIT Movement has established a day of awareness that encourages people to stand up against human trafficking by forming teams and raising at least $7 per team member. IJM at UAB painted three huge backdrops and hung them up all over UAB’s campus for students to take pictures in front of and post to social media.

end it day 2014

End It Movement

Valentine’s Day Cupcake Fundraiser February 2014

For our Valentine’s Fundraiser, a local cupcake vendor “Dreamcakes,” who regularly donate a portion of their profits to IJM, graciously donated three dozen cupcakes for IJM to sell to raise money for IJM.

Val Tags

IJM Valentine's Fundraiser IMG_3447 IMG_3441 IMG_3440

One Step, One Voice November 2013

National IJM founded the “One Step, One Voice” campaign for November 18th encouraging students and local chapters to call their senators and ask them to co-sponsor the Human Trafficking Prioritization Act.


One Step, One Voice IMG_2627


The attachment below lists the events IJM sponsored during Fall 2013.

IJM fall events

Students volunteering at a future Wellhouse Safe Home for trafficked suvivors.

Students volunteering at a future Wellhouse Safe Home for trafficked suvivors.

579297_720086688019179_1883579014_n 1466302_720086654685849_950857531_n


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